SSL says issued by E1 instead of cloudfare


my site’s SSL shows issued by E1 I want it to say issued by Cloudfare or R3 whatever it is as some people see it as webpage blocked.

Please help

Who is E1? I have never heard of them. If you want to use your edge certificate, then you need to make sure your DNS record for the site is :orange:. If it is, then please share your site.


its bookingarma .com

it says issued by e1 my DNS namerserver are cloudfare but it says issued by e1

E1 in this case is from Let’s Encrypt. This certificate is issued to your domain via Cloudflare.

I want it to say Issued by Cloudfare

E1 ain’t working for some people says Webpage unavailabe and stuff

Can you send a screenshot of the actual error? It’s very unlikely to be due to the issuer unless they’re running a very old device

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I don’t have it people just say it on call

well is there anyway I could get issuer as Cloudfare?


I want it to say this , idk how though

You can try changing the universal issuer to digicert

You don’t get to control the issuer other than that. But as @WalshyMVP said

It’s very unlikely to be due to the issuer unless they’re running a very old device

I’m unsure how to use this post :frowning:

That’s actually a Digicert certificate in your screenshot, some of my domains are still using those but Cloudflare is phasing out Digicert

The issue you’re experiencing(?) is unlikely to be related to who issued the certificate.

but all I’m asking is if there is a way to change the issuer if so how

You could try the API thing if you really want to but even if it worked, given that Cloudflare is actively phasing out DigiCert, it probably wouldn’t last long.

But go for it if you want…

You’ll have to go into your profile & generate an API token, or use your global API key

And then run a curl command to try to hit the API and request the change

But again, even if it works, it’s not likely to last long

where do i run that command exactly?

well if you’re running Windows 10 it should have curl pre-installed, you can run it from a command prompt or powershell

most Linux/Unix systems likely have curl pre-installed as well

Out of interest, why do you believe this will solve your issue?

I’ve read that somewhere i beleive

really have no idea how to do that :expressionless:

do you mind explaining how to do this exactly

“Read somewhere”
“Was told my X”
“It broke my site”

All of this is mere speculation, and it’s the type of speculation that makes absolutely no sense.
You might be able to change the issuer of the cert by consuming the API that sandro shared a while ago, alternatively you might want to remove and add your website from Cloudflare until the issuer changes.

You are trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

Just my 2 cents, I doubt pinging and quoting people every 2-3 minutes is going to motivate anybody to help you further.