SSL says active in cloudflare but inactive in squarespace

So in Cloudflare it says my SSL is active for my domain. However my domain host is actually squarespace. In squarespace it says that it’s inactive.

Should I be concerned? Do I need to do anything?

Sounds like a discrepancy due to DNS settings or propagation delays. However, to ensure the SSL certificate is properly set up on both Cloudflare and SquareSpace:

  1. Make sure your DNS settings in Cloudflare are correctly pointing to your Squarespace site.
  2. Check your SSL/TLS app in Cloudflare and make sure it’s set to “Full” or “Full (Strict)”.
  3. In SquareSpace, navigate to Settings > Security & SSL > SSL Certificate > Check Status. It should show as Secure.

If it’s still inactive in SquareSpace after this, it’s recommended to contact SquareSpace support for further assistance. Also, remember that DNS changes can sometimes take up to 24-48 hours to fully propagate.

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