SSL redirection issue


I have turned on SSL for my site as well as downloaded the Flexible SSL plugin and activated it. I have added a page rule http://* to always use HTTPS.

However, when I go to my site, the only page that redirects to HTTPS is the homepage. When I go on my site and go to other pages, they are the not secure version.

how can I redirect all pages to HTTPS?

The Page Rule would need to have a wildcard on the end as well.

HOWEVER :smile: you don’t need to do it via Page Rule anymore. There is now an optional setting on the Crypto page that will force HTTPS for all pages.

does this setting in crypto properly redirect all pages, so if there is a drop in rankings, they should bounce back?


I don’t know how the redirects should impact rankings, but this Always Use HTTPS setting is essentially a page rule that you can turn on without burning one of your page rules. Whatever the behavior is if managed via page rule should be the same.

is this a 301 redirect?

Yes, Always Use HTTPS gives a 301 to the same path, but with https