SSL Redirected to Website Provider rather than Cloudflare



I’ve never had any problem with Cloudflare on my website, and I usually recommend Cloudflare to a friends, so I am a bit surprised when I get a problem that does not become solved immediately.

I copied every setting that I have on my own website that uses Cloudflare to her website is, the nameservers are set correctly on her website provider Loopia. Mixed content can be fixed by using a plugin as far as I’ve researched.

It was fine for a moment, she got her SSL lock symbol on her website and all. But when she added a picture to her website it become not secured.

It is activated on her site when other people visit it on their phone and desktop altough when she enters on her own phone and desktop it says not secured. We’re att the end of our solutions and we’ve talked with the provider Loopia and their technical team says that it is on Cloudflares side. I am skeptical about that.

Any help is much appreciated! Her Cloudflare email is [email protected].


It’s working great for me. It’s probably a DNS issue so it needs more time to propagate.


Thanks for informing me :slight_smile:

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