SSL Recomended setting

I recieved this email this morning. I made the recomended changes and my site is still not accessable.

Your SSL/TLS Setting Recommendation


Thanks for enabling the SSL/TLS Recommender in the dashboard. You’re receiving this email the SSL/TLS mode for is Full but would benefit from the additional security provided by Full (strict).

To update this setting, go to and select the Full (strict) mode.

Additional information on all SSL/TLS options can be found at Origin Server Configuration - Encryption modes. To stop receiving these emails, please disable SSL/TLS Recommender in the dashboard.

The Cloudflare Team

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Your site is loading fine for me. Have you changed the setting since you posted here?

Yes, I made a change and it appears to have propagated now. Thanks for the heads up.

On another topic, I have been having trouble creating a redirect rule. Any help would be welcomed.


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That should probably go in a new topic, but there is a good cheat sheet and some helpful new Tutorial articles available.

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