SSL question: will CloudFlare verify my business to issue SSL certificate?


We are uploaded our SSL from godaddy in our Cloudflare account. Now our Godaddy SSL is about to expire.

Now, we’re triing to apply Cloudflare dedicated SSL, but the “SSL issued to” name is showing as Cloudflare and not our Company Name. How to make our Company name to come in the SSL certificate.

We want the certificate should show something like the following:
|Common Name (CN)|*|
|Organisation (O)|Orane Healthcare India Private Limited|

How to do that. Plz let us know.

So you dont want to use your custom certificate any longer but a dedicated one from Cloudflare instead?

Yes; Since the present custom certificate is about to expire; and

We’re trying to understand, what could be the best SSL option; whether to renew the GoDaddy SSL (or) to get a dedicated one from Cloudflare.

Please help us.

Personally I’d say the free universal certificate should be enough.


We are trying to improve the Authority of the website; by showing the company’s name in the SSL certificate.

Free ssl is not very helpful to our objective.

These additional parameters in certificates are going to lose more and more value, personally I’d really not bother and dont think this adds any “authority”.

But if you still want such a certificate, your only option would be one of the paid one (e.g. renewing your existing one) as a dedicated Cloudflare certificate wont contain that either AFAIK (you could double check with support).

:wave: @icliniq,

For that you will need to upgrade to the business plan, order your certificate from a CA and upload it to Cloudflare. As a practical matter it will have 0 impact on the security of your website, but if you want to do it, the Business plan or above will allow you to.


Considering the OP already has a custom certificate, he already must be on a business plan.

More info for the OP, confirming what @sandro said.

If you still want an EV certificate you would need to renew the current one and re-upload it.


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