SSL question from my host

I have two hosting plans with InMotion Hosting. One is a shared hosting where I keep my “small” sites, and a VPS where my main site is hosted. One of my small sites is an ecommerce and because it is on a shared server, emails from that domain are often flagged or blocklisted. It gets quite annoying as it impacts customer services since I can’t reply to the customers without using an alternate (personal) email address, and they have issues if they need to reset password, get invoice, etc.

To help with this, InMotion has suggested I add the ecommerce domain to my VPS plan for emails (I am allowed a few domains there), That has helped somewhat, but I still get notifications of emails not being delivered for different reasons.

Last time I contacted InMotion, they said that it was likely due to the SSL not being installed. They tried to install it but since I have Cloudflare installed, it seemed problematic. Their last suggestion is the following:
" I’m not seeing any movement with the SSL certificate on the mail.xxxxxxxx subdomain. My recommendation is to have Cloudflare install SSL on their end, specifically, and SSL on the mail.xxxxxxxxxx subdomain. Or you can point your nameservers back to us, we install AutoSSL, after which you can point your nameservers back to Cloudflare."

I have no idea how to do that, or who to ask.
Can you point me in the right direction?

Cloudflare cannot proxy any email related hostname and as such will be uninvolved in certificate issuance. There are definitely better ways to architect email service for your domain, but unfortunately that is far outside the scope of what the Cloudflare Community can assist with.

If you have specific questions pertaining to your Cloudflare configuration, we can share insight and suggestions on that topic. Running an e-commerce business, you might benefit from working with a skilled technical advisor who understands your needs and is able to assist you on a broader range of technical challenges.

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