SSL question for access to Citrix Netscaler when CF is active it wont load

I have a hosted desktop environment that uses Citrix Netscaler for secure access. The site has (2) Certs that I purchased from Godaddy for (2) sites.( the netscaler and the Storefront). The sites can be accessed without any issue and I can launch the desktops when I have CF paused.

If I resume CF, I can get to the Netscaler page and login but the dekstops won’t launch. I think that is the storefront page thats not letting it launch.

On the CF site, I have a business account. I have a Cert purchased and I have added all of the subdomains to the CF site before I generated the Cert on CF.

If I choose flexible, I can’t even open the main website to login to the Netscaler. The browser just gives an error of unreachable.

If I use FULL SSL I can log into the Netscaler and the desktops won’t launch, they just spin the hourglass and never connect.

If I use Full Strict, It is about the same as Full, It just spins and never launches the desktops.

I am not familiar with SSL Certs enough to know if that is my problem. Do I need to generate Origin Certs, or maybe import my original Godaddy Cert to CF?

I am taking my sites down while I test this and try to get the correct configuration to work.

I’m not familiar with this setup.

Are you saying you have a host sitting on your local network that you’re trying to proxy through Cloudflare?

What port does Netscaler run on? I have a hunch it’s not on a port that Cloudflare supports.

I did happen to run across some cert instructions that include Netscaler:

Thank you. I will confirm which ports it is using.

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For a second I wondered since when is Network Solutions in Poland :confused: :crazy_face:

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