SSL & Proton Mail

We have advanced DNS through windycitywebnames and would like to keep our DNS there. We also are pointing our mail records to Proton Mail. The developer that is working on the site has setup the Cloudflare SSL certificate. We do not want to point our main DNS to the Cloudflare servers bc we are worried that Proton mail will go down. How do i still use the Cloudflare SSL cert. can i add record names, setup universal access? please advise as i’m. not familiar with Cloudflare at all and the content manager is not experienced with advanced DNS management.

Cloudflare’s public certificates may only be issued and used when passing traffic through Cloudflare’s site.

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As long as you have the appropriate records, such as MX at the minimum, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, any mail reliability issues will not be the fault of DNS.

If you still prefer not to use a full setup, there are other methods of using the Cloudflare proxy, such as a Partial (CNAME) setup which is available on a Business or Enterprise subscription.

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