SSL protocol error

Hi, I have got an issue with the ssl protocol. When i try to access my website on HTTPS it doeshnt open, and shows error :

The SSL certifficate seems to work good when i check it here:

Also the Really Simple SSL plugin in wordpress shows :
Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button:

Reload over https

Really Simple SSL requires a valid SSL certificate. You can check your certificate on Qualys SSL Labs.

Please help me to understand what is the issue and how to fix it?
thank you very much!

https on seems to work for me. Has it started working for you?
There seems to be a redirect loop though because I eventually get to an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error.

Hi there,

thank you very much for a fast respond.

yes, i was able to fix that issue by changing DNS ip in Cloudflare control panel. but as you can see i got another problem :slight_smile: would you know what is it connected with, and how do i fix this issue?

thank you so much!

so i have removd all redirects from the htaccess file and website started working again. The reason why i tried to redirect it is because my website moved from html to wordpress php. so i was trying to save google ranking from pages before. Would you know how to get it done correctly without causing the redirects problem?

What do you want to happen?
http redirects to https or https redirects to http? or something else?

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