SSL protocol error on Safari browsers and iOS

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Nice to meet you everyone. This is our first post here.

We have this case since today in which we setup a new domain and the SSL has been generated.
In chrome browser the SSL cert seems to be valid and it is working in windows/mac computers but in Safari desktop and mobile browsers and even Chrome on iOS we have SSL error, ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR website sent invalid response.

Could any advise on this, please?

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Hello! Welcome to the Community.

That could be caused by a number of factors, without more info (like configurations in the dashboard) or the domain name it is difficult to give you a reply.

Hello Matteo!

Thank you for your reply.

Cloudflare support replied to me answering the question to the problem.

It seems that when a zone/domain is added now, by default, the minimum TLS version is 1.3. This caused the issue.

It is interesting, though, the minimum TLS version combo the Default version is TLS 1.0 which is what we expected.

We will add this param in our terraform code so we don’t miss it from now on.

Thanks everyone.
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I didn’t expect a minimum TLS v1.3, that’s strange. At most I would suspect v1.2!

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