SSL Problems Handshake Error, Activate Certificates?

Hi friends. I have an app running on Heroku and I am trying to connect my custom domain to it. My problem is that I am getting a 525 Error: SSL handshake failed.

My general question is: Do I need to activate a ssl certificate on my hosting domain as well? Because one of my domains tells me I can’t do that with namespaces. Or should I NOT activate these certificates on my hosting server.

I am using Cookiecutter and Django which also forces ssl everytime. Might that be connected to my problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi @axelbraunschweiger, sorry for the issue you’re facing but I think you’re on the right track with the comment

That is mentioned in quick fix idea 2 in this 525 tip, Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed

Thank you cloonan for your reply and the link! So do you think I need to activate them? One problem with that is that one of my hosters tells me I can’t activate ssl certificates when I use different namespaces, which I do, because of clouflare… Also Heroku doesn’t have ssl, that shouldn’t be an issue?

If you search this site for Heroku and 525 there are a couple of posts from folks that have added the origin certificate that may give some ideas. Going back to your original post, yes, anything that forces ssl will have implications on how you set up ssl on your SSL/TLS app.

Maybe lets start with some basics. Can you share your domain name? And, what is your ssl setting at the top of the SSL/TLS app?

yes, thank you so much for the help. The interesting thing is that I get the handhsake error when using full. When I use flexible I get an error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

Maybe it is also a problem with my settings but I did it as explained. Meaning I have 2 cnames, one for my domain and one for www, both pointing to my DNS target that I received from Heroku.

Right now I am trying also to activate my ssl whith my hoster but it takes a very long time, I am still waiting. So do you think my setup is ok like that and should I deploy my app again, deactivating the forced ssl implemented by cookiecutter?

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@axelbraunschweiger, are you following this guide?

yes this is what I am following

I was also talking to my hosting domain and they said, they are not providing ssl at all if I use other namespaces… So I don’t know …

Ok so i managed. Cloonan, thank you so much, I found the solution in one of the comments when I was searching through this site with your keywords.

I had to point my root page to my herokuapp ( and then the www to the DNS target provided from Heroku. And voila that did it.

Thx Cloonan!!

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