SSL Problems 4.9.2018


I’ve got some SSL Problems over here.

Since I’ve turned on the flexible mode my friend can’t access to the website ( The Certificate is also not on the Website. I really don’t know what to do.


Your domain is not behind Cloudflare but points directly to your host.


What do you mean in Detail? My nameservers age already the cloudflare ones. What do i need to do?


The name server does, but your host does not.

Check the IP at


So what i need to do? Could you please help me a little Bit i’am New in Website stuff.


Switching the host from :grey: to :orange: in the control panel should do the trick. Though that would only enable the TLS connection from the browser, the connection between Cloudflare and your server would be still unencrypted. For that you need to enable TLS on your server.


Ok im on mobile i dont find the control panel/host can u describe it more detailed? :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Where the DNS settings are. You need to enable the proxying part which is done by switching to :orange:

But please check out Cloudflare’s tutorials as they explain all of that in detail.

Also, as mentioned earlier, this will only solve the HTTPS issue on the browser side but not encrypt anything between Cloudflare and you.


And any idea why my friend cant acess to the Website?



At least not without any details :wink:


Hard to explain he’s using crome like me before i changed the nameservers to the cloudflares ones he was able to connect


Chrome is generally an issue :laughing:

Well, again, without knowing details it is impossible to say anything, short of random guessing.


Ok tell me the detail you need i’ll try to send it to you tomorrow because i am Not able to get it yet but thank you anyway


DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is the error he gets


That error would indicate he cant resolve your domain. Why that is can - once more - depend on several factors.


Kk if he loads the website with the number ip adress the website is loading and it says there’s no ssl certificate. But if im using the domain it says ist secured? Is this normal?


In most cases yes.


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