SSL problem with root certificate?

Hello, can anyone explain this? What does this mean?

You need to download and install a new Cloudflare Origin CA Root certificate:

Thank you. I was doing what you’ve said, or at least thought so, and still the web browsers showed the old CA certificate. I first thought it was some browser or CF cache problem, but now I did it again, and when I compared CA certificate I pasted into cPanel, with the CA certificate cPanel shows for domain when I go to check ‘Certificate Details’, the two don’t match. :flushed: :astonished:

I now understand that this seems to be happening:

"The problem usually presents itself like this: a user makes a fresh installation of a Comodo (now Sectigo) certificate along with ‘SHA-2 root’ chain. It causes all other installations of the certificates of the same type to be associated with the same CA bundle. No matter how many times one tries to install the certificate with the alternative variant of the CA chain through cPanel or WHM interface, the server will still return the initially-installed bundle…

The only way to overcome this issue is to update the CA chain via SSH. To do this, you need to have root access to the server."

At least now I know what’s the problem.

LoL, now I’m getting this. Going for a break till tomorrow.

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