SSL problem with my web

Good morning to all!!! My name is Pablo and recently I’m starting to create websites.
Today I have been experimenting and others, and I have a doubt with the SSL certificate.
1- I have selected the cloudfare free plan to get the certificate that Cloudflare gives you, and it puts me once activated: Universal SSL Status Active Certificate and tmb is selected in flexible.
The thing esque if I enter my website with https tells me that it is still not safe, the ssl is for 4 hours that is when I made the process
2-Should I change in wodpress to https?
3-Should I change something in the index?
My web:

The TLS certificate seems to work fine, but - as you mentioned under #2 - you still have mixed content as some links are hardcoded as http://

And how can I fix that problem?

As @sandro mentioned, you need to change those http references to https.

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