SSL Problem with Infinityfree Host

Hi, I activated a Cloudflare account because I wanted to activate an SSL that doesn’t expire in a year. I have the hosting with InfinityFree, it is already active with infinity a ssl certificate of one year but if I go to wordpress and download the Really Simple SSL plugin and try to install the certificate after a while it gives me an authentication error.
At this point I opened the account with Cloudflare to manage SSL so, following the tutorials on youtube after changing the servername of the domain, I created an ssl certificate in the “origin Server” section then I copied the Private Key and Certificate and pasted it going to the Infinity control panel (web Host) in the “SSL/TLS” section but when I upload certificate I get this text:
The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name … (Cloudflare Origin Certificate was seen) .
Why in Cloudflare control panel in the section “Edge Certificates” I see an active certificate with a duration of one year and instead I generated an origin for several years?
In the Infinity control panel under SSL Certificates I revoked the old certificate with “let’s encrypt” created directly in infinity (the status is now “revoked”).
I tried to create a new certificate with infinity with Self Signed (not trusted) the status is Issued and expires in 10 years and have a button “install” but if I click install I go to the page (always on infinity, the host) of the certificate and I have the green band of the status, it tells me that it is installed, the domain is right and "the issuer is Cloudflare. Where am I wrong? Maybe some time has to pass before this certificate is actually activated and the old one that lasts a year is revoked? Thanks

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