SSL problem with Cloudflare

From time to time I get errors that say: SSL handshake failed. Then it is not possible to reach my website, but after a few minutes it works again. It’s not fun when it happens often so what could be wrong?

What is the domain?

Hi, I prefer not to write openly what the domain is.But if you look at the validity period, it is valid until May.

Yes, I see that.

These usually are caused by a mismatch in the ciphers supported by Cloudflare and the origin. I am unable to reproduce an error, can you reproduce it consistently and/or does it happen only in certain circumstances? Your from time to time reference makes me believe we cannot reproduce it easily. As a shotinthedark perhaps increase min TLS to 1.1 and disable TLS 1.3, you may want to do these as two different steps to help isolate which one, if any, is causing the issue.

Some other ideas to test here, go to the 525 section

Happens under certain circumstances but there are no stats or anything like that I can give you when it happens. It just happens every now and then.
I don’t know what exactly TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.3 are. I’m not that good actually and can’t answer this.

The problem is not solved. Often now getting error code 525

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