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I have to pointing to different IP, but I can not use proxy function on cloudflare. The subdomain now does not have a valid SSL certificate. I am using Flexible SSL. What do i need to do for a valid certificate? The main domain has it.

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I can see that is not currently proxied, and additionally when I run diagnostics on the domain I can see there is a valid edge SSL certificate and requests should work correctly when proxied.

Can you proxy the domain and show us what you are seeing with e.g. screenshots?

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This isn’t the best option too. Recommending you to read the following articles to check why:


Thanks for the extra insight @neiljay, I must have missed that detail :slight_smile:


I can’t use proxied because of the payment gateway. Everything works with proxied. How do I secure SSL for this subdomain?

čt 1. 6. 2023 v 12:01 odesílatel erisa-cf via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> napsal:

What happens?

Check out the links shared by @neiljay above :slight_smile:

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The payment system must have only one IP address available.

The subdomain points to a completely different server than the main domain.

As @neiljay already pointed out, your site currently has no encryption at all because of the insecure legacy mode you chose here. You should definitely switch that to Full Strict.

Apart from that I would follow the articles suggested by @neiljay.

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That would be an unusual requirement to say the least. Perhaps you might consider selecting a payment system that sucks less?


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