SSL problem on dedicated server

Hey, i have problems with configurating, I did everything like in this tutorial: but it doesn’t work. I have dedicated server on ovh with system: Debian GNU/Linux 7.11

Can you be more specific about what isn’t working?

You can check it by yourself

It doesn’t appear the site is currently being proxied by Cloudflare. Make sure the record is :orange: in the DNS control panel. The origin cert is signed by Cloudflare and trusted by Cloudflare, but not by an external CA and so is not trusted by Clients, but it is by our edge. So when we proxy we show a different (trusted) cert to the end users and then initiate a connection to your origin.

If i do that I believe that I will lose my other connections, such as teamspeak or other services.

You can at least avoid Teamspeak issues :wink:
There’s a record for it.

But since your domain contains pvp I guess there’s a game server running which doesn’t listen on the ports below and it’s not HTTP(S) Traffic?

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Yup, that’s pretty the cause of that. Thanks! :wink:

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