SSL problem,not showing https

I have a site hosted on infinity free with a domain from freenom.
I registered on Cloudflare and did all the required settings to get ssl on my site.
After 24 hours,I checked the site.It was secured with Cloudflare certification.
Now it shows unsecured again,but a ssl checker shows that it has Cloudflare certification.
SSL - Flexible

Always Use HTTPS - ON

Authenticated Origin Pulls - OFF

Minimum TLS Version - TLS 1.0

Opportunistic Encryption - ON

Onion Routing - ON

TLS 1.3 - Enabled

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - ON

Certificate Transparency Monitoring - ON

I read many Topics but couldn’t find anything to help me.

Change it from Flexible to Full.

The site it working for me with https from Cloudflare

for me it isn’t,but I saw this problem on many posts.
Thats all I wanted to hear,thanks for the help

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