SSL problem, no HTTPS and still not safe to assess my website

i have used the SSL service from cloudflare. i have set SSL/TLS encryption mode - “Flexible”.

but my website still show no “HTTPS” and it is still NOT SAFE to assess to my website, what did i miss, could you please advise, thank you so much.

To secure the connection to your website, you need to change the SSL setting to Full (strict) and install and SSL certificate on your server.

You can get a free certificate by following this guide:

Also, what is your domain?


this is the domain:

I see you have TLS/SSL set to full (strict) (that’s the correct setting). The 526 error is telling you the certificate on the origin server is invalid. I’d generate an origin cert from your dash and use that instead of the existing origin cert, Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs


I have checked many youtube, people said even if i set “flexible” SSL setting, my web is supposed to get HTTPS and it will become a safe web.

however, everything is in vain.
let me check more information about your passage.

thanks a lot.
still desperate

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