SSL Private Key for download

I am looking to see if the following is possible in Cloudflare in any of its billing levels.

We have internal web services that run on private IPs ( They are not internet accessible. HOWEVER, these services requires HTTPS, and thus SSL certs. Is it possible to generate a cert for these services, and download the private key from Cloudflare?

To be clear, I do not want this:
[USER] β€” [ssl cert | CLOUDFLARE] β€” [WEB SERVICE]
(This is not possible, the service is running within and is not internet accessible).

I am looking for this:
[USER] β€” [ssl cert | WEB SERVICE]

Can Cloudflare provide me with such a certificate?


Cloudflare does not provide any downloadable signed by a trusted root authority certificates, that would work for this use case. I would advise you either use Certbot/Let’s Encrypt, or create your own CA and add it to your machines as trusted if that fits your use case.

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