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My main site has an SSL. I have added community.hennahut and cannot figure it out to add SSL.
community.hennahut is built though a site builder, the main one is wordpress, however both DNS goes through cloudflare. Anyone know ho I mage this? I want everyone to feel warm and fuzzy when they arrive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


The SSL certificate Cloudflare has for your account covers and *, which is how your site has a valid SSL certificate.

The problem I’m seeing is your ‘community’ subdomain redirects to, and that is not covered by the subdomain certificate. Putting the www in front makes it a sub-subdomain.

Can you reconfigure your ‘community’ site to not put www in front?

p.s. I just checked https for that subdomain and Cloudflare shows an SSL handshake error, making it look like your web server doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate for that subdomain.


Wow, thank you! I will change the www.


I do have a SSL for the main domain, I assume I have to purchase another for the subdomain? or does it run off the main domain? Godaddy is $$$$$$ on the SSL.

In my dns settings I have 2 cnames: community and , I removed the www. and the site went down.


Sending it around cloudflare worked. Turning off the orange cloud, seems Wix picked it up.


For reference:


P.S Just wanted to say thank you!


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