SSL "Pending Validation (TXT)"

Hi, I added 2 domains to my account, they were both displaying “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH” when trying to load the site with HTTPS.

After a bit one of the domains started working fine and I see on the SSL page/“Edge Certificates” the working one says “Active” under Status, without any action from my part, but the other one has been stuck on pending validation for a few days now. I added a TXT record to my DNS as implied but it didn’t help, I also tried disabling Universal SSL, wait for it to clear then enable it again as advised in other similar threads but it has not helped.

What could be wrong?

My domain has been locked on "Pending Validation (TXT) for days now, only a specific one, others are ok, but there is nothing apparently wrong with my DNS or any other settings as compared to the other working domains. All have a SSL from LetsEncrypt and their SSL is working fine. The domain with problems is a .ws, maybe that’s an issue for CF?

Almost 2 weeks later still nothing and no reply from support. I have added several websites, all of them work fine except for this one with a .ws domain

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