SSL Pending Shopify

Hi there, I have recently moved my website from Woocommerce to Shopify, with this change required me to move my DNS from WP Engine (old host) to Shopify (new host) however Shopify is having a hard time validating the SSL certificate issued on the root domain ( which remains pointing to the old host.

The subdomain ( has no problem with this and the SSL was issued.

Has anyone experienced this issue before and have any recommendations on how to get past this? The shopify support team said “According to our technical team, what’s happening is that the old Cloudflare setup is overriding our SSL certificates for some reason. So you will need to remove the old configuration!”

Hope someone can shed some light!

hello there - from what I can see the custom hostname certificate that shopify have deployed for and is visible and working here. Are you still seeing an issue?

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