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My server supports legacy protocols version TLS 1.0 only. Next year, Chrome will no longer fully support outdated versions. What do you think, cloudflare is the solution in this case? Will it continue to work with outdated versions so that it is not noticeable to the end user?

When using Cloudflare, is there a need to continue to buy signed certificates for the domain name? What is the best thing to do when a certificate expires?

Thank you for your opinion.

The best advice is, simply make sure your server is up to date and you support a recent SSL version. There really is not much more to add.

Should that not be possible for whatever reason, then you could try to contiue running your configuration and hope Cloudflare will continue support it, however you wont have a guarantee there.

As for certificates, yes you still need a valid certificate on your server and the “best thing” to do when it expires is the same as if you never ever used Cloudflare, renew your certificate :wink:


Thank you!

But in general, it is possible not to use purchased certificates, but simply to use self generated ones? Or is it bad idea?

These days you dont need to purchase certificates anyhow, just use a Lets Encrypt one.

Alternatively, you can also have a free origin certificate issued from Cloudflare.

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