SSL (origin Cert) not working on my domain

I’m tryign to setup the TLS Origin certifcate does not work

I’ve checked the host names allowed on the certificate in the browser and its definatly the certificate issued by Cloudflare

I have the Authenticated Origin Pulls set to on.
I have Opportunistic Encryption set to on.
I have SSL set to Full

nginx server config

The three files the Cloudflare cert, private key and origin cert all link to the correct place and the webserver has read permissions

Any Ideas?

What is not working? The site loads fine on HTTPS, there is a mxed content issue but that is not certificate related. The certificate seems to be fine.

1 Like I just get this when i go on it.



and post the output

It would seem your DNS resolver still uses some cached values and does not return Cloudflare’s IP addresses. Wait a bit or try to flush its cache, if you have access to it.

this is correct right? about 30 mins before posting I changed it to this

The IP to the server is atleast

i used ipconfig /flushdns and flushed the cache my dns program also that i use for working on some headless vms.

If you just changed it from :grey: to :orange: there is a good chance you resolver still caches the original IP. Wait a bit until that value expires and it renews the entry. At that point you should get the site loaded, you still have mixed content issue though.

Yeah thats fine I can resolve the mixed content problem. just need to activate the ssl plugin and configure.

Check when the host resolves to Cloudflare’s IP address and from that moment on it should work fine.

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