Ssl origin cert chain of trust issue

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google neo4j, cloudfare

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I have downloaded and installed the public and private origin server certificates and configured the neo4j web server to point to these certs. The web server starts but I get an untrused ‘not secure’ message in my recent chrome browser. using the testssl utility I get a ‘trust chain incomplete’ error.
Looking that the link in your docs for server configuration for nginx, I noted the section to ‘cat’ their ca.cert file with the origin file. I downloaded this:

[cloudfare ca](

and ‘cat/bundled’ it with my public.crt file. In that case I now get a ‘self signed certificate’ message from testssl.

What error message or number are you receiving?
‘Chain of trust incomplete’
‘Self signed certificate’ block

How can I proceed to the the proper chain of trust?

Your site looks fine from here, so it looks like you may already have resolved the issue?

Anyway, -

Origin Certificates is supposed to assist in securing the connection between the Cloudflare network and your server, when you use :orange: (Proxied) DNS records.

They won’t work (appear as trusted) when your records are :grey: (Unproxied / DNS only).

I therefore believe you solved the issue by switching the DNS record from :grey: to :orange: ?


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