SSL only securing with www and not without, also on wordpress

I have two websites I am working on making SSL positive and moving over to HTTPS.

My website for when I enter it like this: (not entirely secure) (Secure)

My website when entered like this: (not entirely secure) (not entirely secure)

Both of them use wordpress and are hosted on Amazon AWS platform. The websites are running as an instance and have a dedicated ip address and using route 53 to setup ns and a records.
I am using A records only at the moment to point my website to my domain.
Like below

A Record, value IP, www
A Record, Value IP, non WWW

Hopefully someone can help and would be really appreciated.


:wave: @chrisditfort,

Your site is serving a non-secure asset on the page.

On it appears to be the logo according to Chrome’s developer tools.

You can try enabling " Automatic HTTPS Rewrites" on the SSL/TLS app and see if that fixes it. Otherwise you may wan to update the source/settings for the log.


Thank you. Very helpful it got me thinking. My logo was using http:// so I adjust it to HTTPS and it fixed it.


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