SSL on WWW. and non www


Hi there, I believe I have everything set up correctly, but clearly I don’t so I am coming here for some support.
When I go to everything is fine and dandy. When I go to I get an insecure error and can’t proceed to the site. I have the certificate setup to be for and * so I am not sure what the issue is. Would love some insight into this.


You need to fix up your DNS here:
Make sure your www entry looks just like the main entry for My fingers are crossed that this works, as your setup looks to be a CNAME workaround.
Then make sure that www entry is set to :orange:

If the ‘www’ version is what you want everybody to use, this final step should make everything perfect:
Go to Cloudflare’s Page Rules and create a rule: Match* and Add Setting for Forwarding URL (301) to htps://$1

This will forward all the non-www requests to your secure www site.


I set up cloudflare through my hosting provider, so it automatically set it all up for me.


Contact their support people. They should be able to get you going.