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I set up the free SSL on my website through Cloudflare. My website still says not secure and doesn’t have the https://… how do I fix this? Website is


Hi @user967, are you still seeing this issue? I visited the site and the cert is issued and the page loads with some mixed content issues with a script.

. You can try to enable automatic HTTPS rewrites on the crypto tab, but you’ll need to manually edit the page to correct the errors with the script. (On the Crypto tab, I’d also turn on Always Use HTTPS so the site will load https even if the user types http.)


This is all so new to me and I don’t understand much of it. Are there simple directions on how to do this?


Hi, @user967, understood. The difficulty will really depend on how you’ve built your site and if you can edit it easily. If you use google chrome, click the 3 dots in the upper right, drop to more tools, slide left to developer tools and pick console view. When you visit your site, you’ll see the lines in red that I show in my screen shot. You’ll need to find those and change from http to https, or use a relative command as described in this tip, Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors.

In that tip, I suspect you’ll need to address mixed content using quick fix idea 1 (what I described above). Let us know how you’re doing, you are not the first person that has encountered this issue and someone else may have a similar set up and issue and be able to assist.


It’s weird…I get something different. I can’t find where to attach image but mine shows…

6460ab65afc5c7fb639d40422434f9f5.js:4 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.0.0
6460ab65afc5c7fb639d40422434f9f5.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).prettyPhoto is not a function
at HTMLDocument. (216f40c5400e5de963afba57763e6917.js:2)
at l (6460ab65afc5c7fb639d40422434f9f5.js:2)
at c (6460ab65afc5c7fb639d40422434f9f5.js:2)
7kwift.CHROME.min.js:1 Taking too long


@user967, yes that is odd! But, you’re doing something right, I don’t see the mixed content issue any longer (some other errors, but none that block https), image attached:

(PS - to attach images, look for the picture icon (middle one)-> Screenshot%20from%202019-01-24%2011-10-19 )


I loaded an SSL plugin so that probably fixed those issues. Do you have any idea how to fix the other issue I’m having?


I don’t know the details, I think you need to find someone familiar with jQuery or prettyPhoto, they may have seen this before, I believe it’s a version incompatibility.

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