SSL on TLD on Namecheap with 301 redirects

Hi Guys,

I have a TLD on Namecheap -, that current Nameservers are set to Namecheap Basic.

As you can see in the screenshot there are 2 cname records pointing to external websites. The TLD is using a 301 redirect to go straight through to the CNAME record - partners.

This all works fine, BUT the TLD doesn’t have SSL certificate because it is not attached to hosting. So when users enter the tld in a chrome browser, it is forced to use https and then never resolves (i guess because its not secure). If you enter http then it resovles, but most users / links won’t explicitily use http.

So i was going to attach the TLD to hosting and install SSL, but thought perhaps I could do this through Cloudflare by pointing NS records to cloudflare (from Namecheap), and then having the TLD setup with SSL in Cloudflare ? So before I set it up i wanted to get somebody’s expert opinion on whether this will work.



Cloudflare’s optimal configuration mirrors your existing setup. If you don’t have SSL working currently, Cloudflare isn’t a magic wand to make this work. You first need to get those CNAME records working with HTTPS. That’s going to require some support from adsgraphy and trkit. works fine with SSL on its own right and through

The problem is the front end: TLD, that doesn’t have SSL, so fails when is trying to resolve. It does work however with BUT chrome forces https when users enter the URL without the http:// - so therefore we have this problem.

If cloudflare doesn’t allow me to create an SSL certificate explicitly on a domain name, then I will just host the domain name and set it up that way.

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