SSL on Sub domain 403 error

Hello Cloudflare friends,

I changed my main website to cloudflare for the free SSL. It is working very well, thanks Cloudflare!

I want to add a subdomain
I have created the subdomain with my hosting. I created a new wordpress instal on the sub domain. The DNS in Cloudflare is pointing to the same IP as the main website, Cloudflare covers one subdomain under the free SSL (from what I have read)


Currently viewing the site i get a 403 error

Currently viewing the site i get a 404 error.

I contacted my Hosting provider and they said there is a problem on the Cloudflare end. I dont know how to check…
Has anyone had a similar problem? How to get the subdomain showing up??

Thanks guys… hope you can make sense of this…

Hi @brett5,

It sounds like you didn’t have SSL working with your site before adding it to Cloudflare. This can cause many issues, along with not actually encrypting the full connection.

You should pause Cloudflare (under Advanced Actions in the bottom right of the domain overview page) and get HTTPS working. Then set your SSL/TLS mode to Full (strict) and re-enable Cloudflare.

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