SSL on .store domain

I am using 3dcart to host a page under a .store domain.
I am trying to use the free cloud flare SSL.
I tried to add the name servers by going to the control panel for my website I click on name servers and the 3DCART domains are there, I have the option to add namservers but cloudflare says to replace the name servers. What do I do the website is

I have attached a picture of the problem I am facing

You do know you still need a certificate on your server too, right?

I have no idea what that means I need laymans terms.

the server being 3dcart right?

The Cloudflare SSL certificate you referred to will be useless in securing your site until your server has got an SSL certificate as well, which it currently does not seem to.

You should contact your host and get that set up first.

  1. The picture I attached, is that where I add the cloudflare ssl
  2. do i add the cloudflare ssl or replace the ones that are there

Ehm, is this the same user?

You need to contact your host first and get SSL running on your server. Only then look into Cloudflare.

yes I just edited my profile on cloudflare

It looks like 3dcart already uses Cloudflare. 3dcart should have instructions on how to use a custom domain for your store.

im officially lost

i use a custom domain but it does not have https

I am not sure how much more explicit to tell you that you need to contact your host and get SSL sorted out. Right now Cloudflare is irrelevant.

lets see i did contact them and they told me to get an ssl so i dont know ok thank you for the help

So they wont assist you in getting a certificate on their own server? Maybe time to change host :slight_smile:

This is completely a 3dcart problem. You’re using their name servers, their web servers, and their Cloudflare account. And paying them for this. For a store site, they’ve really screwed this up. If they let you have a custom domain, they’d darned well better secure it for you.

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