SSL on main site not working

OMG… That stab in the dark was right :joy:

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Alright, they still do execute in an error case too? @domjh already suspected that.

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So it seems

Looking at the source, something I could have done to begin with :blush:

Incidentially, source these days is not any longer “View source code” but the - admittedly very convenient - developer tools window. I miss the good old times :smirk:


Hello! Sorry for late reply, recently I activated 2 more websites on Cloudflare, I know this is the best website for ssl certificates, but still not activated… waiting since hour…
Site Names -

Please Check Out

They both have valid Cloudflare certificates. Try clearing your cache if you don’t see them.

Checking Again,, my new site has no ssl,

It seems that there is an ssl active, but not… How much time Cloudflare needs to active on real web?


Same as nine days ago

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Why it is not showing on my pc?
I tried clearing cache also…

Nobody knows what it shows on your machine.

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Browsing history is also cleared…
Tested from another broser

It is Showing PRivacy error , no ssl certificate

Sir, one thing to ask,

Always Use HTTPS is working or not?

means you only type in your browser, then it might redirect to https verision…

Yes OR nO?

Hello World!

This side Naman Vrati, and I need your help as I registered multiple domains on Cloudflare.
Please help me as fast as you can. Below is the list of domains I registered on Cloudflare. What you need to do is, to tell me on reply that is SSl is working or not and write the domain without https://, so that you can identify that the website is automatically redirected to https version or not… Please do as redirected–

Please Help Fast!

Please write all domains as it is, so that you can if automatic redirect works or not… Please ping me as soon as possible.

Slightly unnecessary

  1. works with :ssl:
  2. redirects to
  3. works with :ssl:
  4. works with :ssl:
  5. works with :ssl:
  6. works with :ssl:
  7. works with :ssl:
  8. works with :ssl:
  9. works with :ssl:

All the ones where I have said works with :ssl: also redirect http to https.

image @domjh

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:joy: That took a while on mobile as well!!!