SSL on main site not working

Greetings From NamVr,
Thanks Cloudflare to help me making my site secured.
But Need to tell you that ssl is not working in my site -
when i change https, it says privacy error… and see the screen shot…

Please help me

Clear your cache and restart the browser.

HTTPS works on your site

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It looks like that there is an issue on the host’s end. Contact the web hosting provider and they should help.

Based on what did you deduce that?

Based on the way the website is loading the website and based on the Cloudflare suggestion. See the screenshot:

That is interesting. For me the site loads fine and additionally you have the site’s banner on top of the Cloudflare message and there doesnt seem to be any frames involved. Can you try to reload the page without any cache involved?

Hmm, also returns errors for certain locations only.

@allroundernaman, try to open a support ticket and you can refer to @HostColor’s connection ID 492da7c16c3b403e. Alternatively you can also wait a bit, maybe it is a temporary glitch.

I am still puzzled by this partial content load though.

That is weird. It loads ok for me. But that header bar in @hostcolor’s image is peculiar, as it’s part of the site.

It loads well globally for the most part, though some views failed due to a server limitation of the free hosting plan.

Could the bar be created with a Cloudflare app?

Perhaps. That would be interesting…an App that works even when the site doesn’t work. I guess that’s technically how Workers behave.

Don’t know! Just a guess :smile:

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Possibly, though it does sound quite site specific and there is also the cookie message. And I’d also assume Cloudflare wouldt run applications in case of an error. But a possibility yes :slight_smile:


Just for the record. The website loads now at my end!

@cloonan/@cs-cf, would you have an idea why the request 492da7c16c3b403e returned a 526 but at the same time did show page elements of the origin?

The only other remote explanation I could have is @HostColor could load the site initially, then upon a second attempt got the error page which was partially mixed with some earlier cached content (JavaScript, God knows what) and which displayed these bars.

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@sandro I haven’t loaded it initially. At some point I returned to the topic and tried again. Then I was able to load it.

So we can probably rule out a caching issue. Only Cloudflare applications then maybe. @cloonan/@cs-cf?

My ssl is not working now… what is happening?

It’s working. What are you seeing?

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Coughcough @cloonan @cs-cf :smile:

Any idea how that Cloudflare/origin content mix could have happened? :innocent:

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The partial content load is almost certainly Cloudflare apps.