hello all!

I am about to setup a new account for a client of mine (I’m a web designer) They have the following characteristics:

  • domain at Godaddy
  • hosted on cPanel VPS
  • email at Gsuite
  • WordPress website

The main problem is right now is that we need to have SSL enabled even though it is just a CNAME and not an actual account. Does that make sense?

Godaddy is insisting I must setup on my hosting, but if I do that then it won’t point to the CRM.

Can Cloudflare DNS help with this?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hardly, I am afraid. You would need to move the entire domain to Cloudflare, unless you have a business account. Also, you’d still need a certificate on your VPS anyhow and, yes, you would need to configure the domain on your webserver too, CNAME or not.

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