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Hello Folks,

I have a domain name registered with Cloudflare and secured for both “example dot com” and the “www” But my subdomains which are “” doesn’t have the certificates but works well under http but not https, the content for my domain is hosted at Bootstrap Studio while the content for my subdomains are hosted at AWS3.

I have added the CNAME records for the subdomains with proxy status to DNS only, when I try to have it proxied my subdomains stops being accessible.

I tried to generate a certificate from aws3 which Cloudflare notified me that it was issued but still the website still says unsecure.

I tried to ready solutions here which says free certificates are automatically allocated for the * which in this case should be working fine for me.

Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you for your help!

Without knowing the domain name, we can’t help you with this.

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My domain name is and I have more subdomains such as

Right now that subdomain goes directly to the AWS CNAME, so it’s not proxied by Cloudflare. I know the Cloudflare cert will work because it’s issued for subdomains as well:

So the snag is at AWS. How did Cloudflare notify you that the certificate on AWS was issued? Right now, AWS is not responding on Port 443 for HTTPS. As soon as you can get revive that HTTPS connection in any form, Cloudflare can proxy it.

Thank you @sdayman for looking into this,

The certificate was issued by AWS3 as per below screen capture

I have tried a couple of solutions on aws3 side in vain, I understand the issue is now on AWS3 but I was hoping to find a solution here that wouldn’t require me to move everything to aws3.

I’ll keep searching how to solve this on aws3 forums.

Thank you so much!

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@sdayman this is the notification i had received.

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I bought another domain at route53 and created subdomains that worked perfectly (with SSL) when pointed to the s3 buckets.

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