SSL of Cloudflare Information needed

I have a site which is exactly say which has wordpress installed in it. And I have a sub-domain under it say which has phpbb script installed in it. Now, my query here is can I install Cloudflare free SSL certificate to both of them? If yes, then how should I do it? My hosting provider is Godaddy right now. And do I have to pay or renew the certificates?

Cloudflare provides a free universal SSL certificate which is served from our edge to visitors to your site. That certificate can’t be installed/ exported to another server. We do offer free origin certificates which are intended to be installed on servers to provide SSL communication between Cloudflare and the origin server(s).

If you have the ability to install a Cloudflare origin certificate on your sites you certainly can do that instead of ordering a certificate if those sites will be proxied through Cloudflare.

Can you please explain me the steps?? As I said I am using Godaddy as hosting service so its a bit hard.

Sorry I don’t really know anything about GoDaddy or their hosting plans/features. But it looks like they have instructions for various plans:

Depending on your plan and options one of these guides may be useful:

Okay, than just tell me. How can I install a free SSL in the domain using wordpress and the in the sub-domain using phpbb. Can you point me to some tutorial (video if available please)? It will be great. And I will look into my hosting service.

SSL certificates are independent of what you’re hosting (Wordpress, phpBB, etc). The link @cs-cf brings up many GoDaddy support documents on how to do it.

I also don’t use GoDaddy, so I don’t know what their interface looks like. Is your GoDaddy plan using cPanel?

Yes it is. I am using shared hosting (linux) right now?

As I read through this thread again, you just want visitors to have SSL, correct?

In that case, all you need to do is go the SSL/TLS app on your Cloudflare account and set SSL to Flexible.

If you’ve already used your cPanel to enable AutoSSL, then you can set your SSL here to Full (Strict).

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