SSL not working?


I have recently changed the DNS data for a website that I have had on Cloudflare for sometime because I have changed whom I am hosting the site with.

However, when I go to verify the site through the new hosting platform I get an error message for the SSL saying that it is invalid? The DNS and Domain check out to be OK.

I take it that the SSL is still registered for the old hosting service? How can I change this to reflect the new hosting service?

Is is something else? Whatever it is does anyone know what is causing this error and how to correct it?



Do you have an SSL certificate installed on the new server and your SSL mode in Cloudflare set to Full (strict)?

Nothing on the new server that I know of and yes Cloudflare SSL is set to full but not strict.

It may be that the host checks the certificate on your server to determine whether SSL is configured correctly. What certificate do you have on your server, is it valid? For it to be set to full, there must be a certificate there but it may not be valid…

Can you post the domain and a screenshot of the error you receive? just setting it up and here is an image of error:

When I check the Verify option I keep getting the red X SSL Invalid

That domain appears to be set to :grey: in the DNS tab of the CF dashboard. It should be set to :orange: to enable Cloudflare SSL.

Your domain is currently not proxied and goes straight to your server. Is that intentional? If so, you need to make sure your SSL configuration is proper on your server. Though, even if you proxy you will need a proper SSL configuration on your server as Cloudflare couldnt connect via HTTPS otherwise.

Basically, what @domjh referred to in the first response.

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All clouds on the DNS page are orange.

Can you post a screenshot of that? Right now your naked domain and your www host are still unproxied. Though, again, you will still need a proper certificate on your server.

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Sorry wrong site but same setup.

Isn’t that a different zone? That appears to show whereas we were talking about


Are you able to post the actual zone?

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The only reason I can think that I have an issue is because it was on Cloudflare and associated with a different server before I changed ot to a new server.

Otherwise I have done this setup with new domain names without any issue.

Maybe I will have to get a new domain name to do this for what I am trying to accomplish.

Did you ever have that domain on a different Cloudflare account? The screen you posted does not reflect the current settings.

Which nameserver pair does it give you on that account?

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That I can remember this is the only Cloudflare account I have ever had.

I may have taken it off Cloudflare when trying to do SSL with my Host Provider but that didn’t happen so it would have been put back here.

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Name server pairs are unique to each account? The two on this account are the only two that I remember ever having. Is is safe to post them here?

Yes, I don’t see why not - we can do a lookup and see the current ones anyway, we just want to check they match.