SSL not working, whynopadlock says it is working

I was trying to set up SSL for my website I’m using infinityfree for hosting my website, if that is relevant.

I enabled full on cloudflare and tried to check the website, but it won’t work: it shows “Not Secure”.

I checked whynopadlock to see what was going on and to my surprise it said everything’s fine.

When trying to write https://, i get an error.

Even Cloudflare says everything’s fine:

What’s going on? What causes this error?

You need a certificate on your server. Contact your host about that.

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As in, upload a certificate in the ssl section of the cpanel of my host?

Most likely. At the end of the day you need a valid certificate on your webserver.

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Where can I get the string with the certificate from cloudflare?

String? You need a valid certificate. Lets Encrypt for example. Otherwise you can also look into Cloudflare’s Origin certificates.

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Aren’t certificates strings?

Also, thanks. I’ll try with certbot.

Certificates are binary data blocks, which can also be represented as an encoded string.

Certbot should work fine, otherwise Origin certificates will also work

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