SSL not working suddenly


for my domain I redirect from 1and1 where I bought it to Cloudflare and then to builderall. This setup ran for months and it does for a different domain too.

If I turn proxy on (which I want) then I get this error:

Why do I get that all of a sudden?

I contacted builderall and they told me to turn off proxy on Cloudflare. I did, but I still get an SSL error.

Can the problem still be on Builderalls side also when proxi in Cloudflare is turned on?

I need to have it on because I use some settings on Cloudflare that I can’t miss…


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You need to renew your server certificate. Talk to your host about it.

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What means “server certificate” and who is the “host”?

The host is where your site is hosted. And the server certificate is the certificate on your host.

You best pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) and fix your server and make sure it loads fine on HTTPS and unpause only when you have fixed that.

So, if I point from 1and1 to Cloudflare and then to builderall, my host is builderall, correct?

Why does the host need a valid SSL if I don’t use it? I use SSL from Cloudflare…

Right, if your server IP address ends in 115, then you currently do not have a valid certificate on your server. You need to talk to your host about that and they need to address that.

And no, you are not using SSL from Cloudflare. You still need a valid certificate on your server.

OK, thanks

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