SSL not working, SSL set to active



Hi community!

I use Cloudflare regularly at work (I’m a developer), and I’ve just signed up for my own personal account. doesn’t work, I can load with http. I have selected the ‘Flexible’ option for SSL under the crypto tab. I did previously have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on this domain. Is that where my issues are coming from? Even in a browser I have never used, the HTTPS isn’t working.



Is there an error? Currently it seems like it’s set to “off” and the https version of the site is redirecting me to the http version of the site.
Seems like SSL itself is working now… maybe it fixed itself? I’ve heard it takes a little while to set up.


Right now you have a redirect loop. From http to https and back to http etc. Do you have some redirection setup on the origin server? I suggest to remove it and let Cloudflare deal with redirection by toggling the “Always use HTTPS” option to on.


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