Ssl not working protocol error


I have this setting
Ssl flexible
Both HTTPs option enable
Page rule created

Around 24 HR passed still showing ssl protocol error site can’t provide secure services

I contact support but they are not responding my 3 sites are down

Can anyone provide me solution

My host is ionos or you can say 1 0n 1
I have change name server too

Also I am not able to login into WP


Not a good choice, that should be “Full strict” and you should have a certificate on your server. Otherwise your site is still insecure.

Whats your domain?


it all new I recently purchased domain and hosting through ionos

Can you suggest how I resolve it
I tried on full but it show 525 error


Do you have a certificate installed for these domains on your server?

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no I have enabled only universal cloudflare ssl and install 2 plugin on wordpress


Then I’d start by configuring those certificates.


You are not giving a proper solution can anyone else resolve this issue


If you want a secure website use Full strict and install SSL on your server for your domains.

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How I install ssl on server

  1. CPanel
  2. Manual

I am getting this error can anyone tell how to fix it
Ssl protocol error