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Hi everyone,

Anyone had this issue?

I have a SSL certificate (not from Cloudflare) installed on my server. I’m using Serverpilot.

Cloudflare support tells me the server isn’t accepting HTTPS. I checked, and port 443 is open by default on Serverpilot.

What’s going on here?


If you :grey: (bypass) cloudflare on the DNS page, does your site work?

It’s possible your SSL certificate expired. What does it say on your Domain’s SSL page at Serverpilot? It’s been a while since I’ve used that Serverpilot feature, but it did get broken from time to time when behind Cloudflare.


sdayman, whether I bypass it or not, https never works (http always does).

My SSL is valid until Oct. 2018.

I’m on Serverpilot’s free plan, so nothing shows up there. I installed the SSL certificate via PuTTy. It’s a Comodo SSL. I asked them and they tell me it’s active.

I have no clue what’s going on.

BTW, here’s a screenshot that shows port 443 is listening.



Serverpilot’s Free Plan doesn’t support SSL…unless you jump through a bunch of hoops and manually set it up.

So…your firewall is open but it doesn’t necessarily mean your server is listening on 443.

Plus, if you bypass Cloudflare and your server’s not responding to HTTPS, then it’s an issue on your server’s end.


That makes sense, the issue could be on the server.

Cloudflare already has port 443 open by default:

How do I manually open port 443/HTTPS via PuTTy? I’m not sure if that’s the issue but I’m willing to give it a try.


You’re going to have to leave Serverpilot alone (unless you’re into serious server tweaking) and set Cloudflare’s SSL to Flexible. This way, your visitors can use HTTPS, but your server can still use HTTP.


It’s a shame because I have a valid SSL and have to resort to Flexible. Chrome shows that the connection isn’t entirely safe.

I don’t know what the heck to do with this. I’ll have to quit. Cloudlfare didn’t help and Serverpilot “we don’t offer SSL support on the free plan”.


Sometimes the connection isn’t “entirely safe” due to a mixed content issue:


I have some images that are still in HTTP, but it doesn’t explain why the whole site in HTTPS doesn’t work. I may have to go to shared hosting again.


Mixed content kills the SSL security rating. What’s the domain?


(BTW it shows both error 521 and error 502 one after the other)


Earlier, you said if you bypass, your site still wouldn’t work with HTTPS, but HTTP was ok.

Do you now have SSL set to Flexible?

You also said you still had images still in HTTP. Right now, nothing works, so how were you seeing images in HTTP?


Wether I bypass it or not, only HTTP works. It doesn’t matter if in the DNS tab I choose DNS only or DNS and HTTP (CDN). Only the http works.

I’m using Full (Strict) in the Crypto tab for SSL.

Images in the HTTP website show up ok for me. Is the HTTP version of down for you?


Don’t use Full. Without Serverpilot’s SSL support, you need to set it to Flexible.

Ok, the HTTP version works. So “Flexible” should be a good start for getting SSL working for you.




That defeats the purpose of having my own SSL though :slight_smile:


Yes, but Free Serverpilot isn’t set up for any SSL. Bummer, but that’s how they configure it.


Hmm are you sure? You can install a Let’s Encrypt certificate in Serverpilot even with the free plan.

That also didn’t work for me though.


That’s the bunch of hoops I referred to earlier. And since it didn’t work for you, you, you’ll have to go with Flexible SSL. Or dig in and do some troubleshooting to get that SSL script to work

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