SSL not working on my sub domain -please help

Hi there wondering how can i have my subdomain working full strict ,note that I am using a 3rd party for their learning platform and it is acting as my subdomain ,domain working fine but subdomain will have error

When using temporary ssl the subdomain works only with page rules but unfortunately then the primary domain does not work. Seeking your help with a rule or setting to define for it to work


That third party would need to issue a certificate for your subdomain on their own server. Most services that allow for custom hostnames include this. Have you asked them?

Yes they allow only temporary from their end ,what is other solutions?

Will this do the job

You won’t need ACM, and that won’t help with the origin certificate. Will the the learning platform let you upload your own certificate?

i found out uploading need to subscribe to 200$ per month package

or is there other way to install it and upload it

Seeking your feedback

I’ve offered the only solutions to effectively secure that subdomain: The origin needs SSL.

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