SSL not working on custom hostname

Hello, I’m setting custom hostnames for my client to use their own domain. These are the configs:
Client DNS Provider:

DNS Records on Cloudflare:

Note that I have to set as CNAME because AWS ALB can not be associated with an IP.

Current condition:


  • when I try to open, SSL not detected and my browser refuse to open it.

Is it just need more time to resolve? FYI the certificate marked as active since 1 hour ago. Or maybe is there something wrong with my configs?


Found the solution, after trial and error. It seems that we can not use wildcard CNAME to catch traffic from client subdomain (which is can not be proxied unless you’re an enterprise).

So I modified the config in Cloudflare:

With that config, everything works perfectly, case closed. Hope this helps somebody.

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This is the part that’s confused me before. I believe the docs say DNS Only, but I think when I experimented with the feature, I set it to Proxied because that made sense to me.

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