SSL not working in Chrome desktop today for me

Hi, I am getting a privacy error when trying to view my site on Google chrome desktop. This just started today.
Safari, Firefox and Chrome ios are working fine. Is this an issue with my own browser or deeper than that. I have reinstalled chrome, cleared cache too but still the same.

Im not sure if this is coincidental but i was also locked out my wordpress backend today too and had to get support to log me back in. (possible attack, not sure)


I checked it with Brave (based on Chrome) and it loads with HTTPS.

Does Dev Tools (F12) show more info, such as the IP address it’s trying to connect to?

No unfortunately its not showing anything.

Check the Network tab. That may show what it’s actually trying to connect to.

And if you click on the bestprice… line, does a little window slide in showing what it’s trying to connect to?

Just these 2 things

Ah, I finally took a closer look at your first post’s picture. It looks like the cert is a self-signed one from your host. For whatever reason, it looks like Chrome is connecting to your origin server, and not through Cloudflare. You may have to refresh Chrome (data & cookies), but it’s definitely something local to you.

I just checked from my son’s computer and it is loading fine. Must be my browser.
Really appreciate all your help.

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