Ssl not working if i am pointing my dns to cloudflare

Dear Cloudflare team

my domain name if we are pointing A record to cloudflare my ssl redirection of all url with www. or without www. not working

can you please help me to fix this issue

Are you referring to that 522?

If so, did you use the search? If so, you should have come across Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out.

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no connection time out

redirect many times error

OK - take a look at the guide here and follow the steps: Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

I can’t reproduce this. Your site is currently not proxied and loads fine

Also here →

What it does not, is load via the proxies and that’s where aforementioned link comes in. But you don’t have a redirect.

This will be most likely a local issue. Try another browser and clear your cache.

Sir my domain not proxied to cloudflare its working fine in local but if i proxied to cloudflare ssl not working fine

Did you read what I wrote?

yes sir i read and also check in other browser after proxied to cloudflare but still the error same redirection error

redirect many times

if i click on dns and proxied to clouflare then issue http to https not working
image attached for your information

Well, as I said I cannot reproduce any such redirect.

I’d suggest you proxy the record and then check and post back here.

without proxied to cloud flare why its working fine , if there is a issue of our server then without proxied also we found error but without proxied working fine but proxied to cloudflare then ssl reidrection error why?

also asked to the centos web panel and he told me you need to connect with cloudflare support.

thats the reason i am requesting here

I am not sure what you are asking.

As I said numerous times so far, you do not have a redirection issue but a timeout issue and that I already addressed in my very first response.


If you do not follow advice, it will be a tad difficult :wink:

sir please dont use hard english very tough to understand if you have any guide on youtube it will help me alot please share link

proxied now please check

error not working fine

Precisely what I mentioned an hour ago


then what i can do to resolve this

Ehm, exactly what I mentioned an hour ago?

And you actually only proxied the naked domain, not the www record.