Today i disabled SSL, deleted certificate and changed my wordpress site url to http in settings for retreiving IP from users.

When i enabled it it don’t work.

Creating new universal certificate didn’t help.

Site is:

Loads fine for me, be it directly or through Cloudflare.

Also at

I guess it is intentional that your site is currently not on Cloudflare.

On firefox i have “site is not secuired”

The issuer of the communication participant certificate was not recognized.

HTTP Strict Transport Security: false

HTTP Public Key Pinning: false

Well, currently your nameservers do not point to Cloudflare, hence you are going straight for your server where you only have an origin certificate, which only works in a Cloudflare context. You need to switch your nameservers, but - as I said - I presume this is on purpose, right?

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No. Of course i changed earlier DNS nameservers to point to origin server but maybe hour ago i changed to logan and hera

Currently it still points to Unixstorm. You need to change it first.

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Now the nameservers are set.

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